Friday, June 26, 2009

Day at Gammas

So as I mentioned previously we are staying in my parents basement until our tile is finished. This week my mom has been watching my sister Jana's kids while she has been at girls camp. Since I have only been working until noon everyday I had the pleasure to play with the kids everyday. It was fun and I got some really cute pictures of the playroom in my parents new house out of it.

Hanna, Chloe, and I in front of the Mt. Trumbull Schoolhouse mural. Check out the cute ABC carpet.

Hanna going down the slide. There has to be a pillow at the bottom because you pick up speed pretty quick!

Hunter with his Lincoln Logs.

Chloe picking her nose in front of the mural of my mom's Aunt Maime's house.
******Yes, I have resorted to posting pictures of other people's children because I have no life. At least Jana will enjoy this post. ******

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Photography memories

I got onto Flickr tonight to see if my photos are still on there from my photography class I took my first semester of college.
Some of them turned out pretty cool and I would like to hang them somewhere in our apartment. Each photo has a theme, so don't think I am totally random.

This guy thought I was crazy for wanting to take his picture. Entitled "Dirty Old Man".

I actually had to take this picture multiple times to get right. "Frozen Foot"

I love this picture. It took me like thirty hours to do the special effects but it's still cool. Properly titled "Dead Sexy".

This one is called "Back to my Roots". I actually Photoshopped my love handles out!

Maybe when I can afford a camera I'll get back into it.

Is this weekend being serious?

Okay, so, on Thursday Daniel didn't have work so he decided to pull up the carpet in our dining room and the linoleum in the kitchen in our apartment. Keep in mind we don't own this place but Daniel is so nice that he has offered to do the labor in updating the place.

I was pretty excited to go pick out the carpet and he was excited to lay the tile when out of nowhere on Friday our water heater went out. Aah crud.

So we are currently in my parents basement in their brand new house for the time being. I will post pictures later because it is a gorgeous house. But there is just something about your own house and bed that you miss.

Just had to vent. Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Daniel is 24!

So my camera still isn't working but I took a few pictures on my phone trying to capture some memories of Daniel's birthday. Since the whole kidney stone incident Daniel's birthday wasn't very well planned out. This was the best I could do!

There was actually fireworks going on at the baseball game by our apartment that night. My favorite was when Daniel said "Fireworks on my birthday? This is the best birthday ever!"

The birthday boy brushing his teeth. I am really desperate for pics at this point.

Daniel's Birthday Pie. Sour cream lemon from Croshaws. Yum!!!

Taylor's wedding, Memorial Weekend and a kidney stone to top it off!

My family's newest family picture. Below is the explaination on why Daniel looks miserable. (P.S. My bro. Jordan on the far left proposed to his fiance Brook on the 2nd. They are getting married July 17, and she is holding her little boy, my future nephew, Rylan.) The fam is certainly growing.
Usually my family goes to our ranch on the Arizona Strip for Memorial Day weekend but this year my brother Taylor and now wife Bethany were getting married on the 23rd whic is a significant day in our family so we stayed in town.
Little did I know that tragedy would strike the Thursday night before when Daniel called me on his way home from working in Cedar saying that his back was hurting and that I needed to pick him up. When I showed up he was in so much pain that he decided we needed to go to the emergency room. Having no insurance I was a little paniced about that but we went anyway. Once we walked in the door he threw up three times and I knew it was more serious than back spasms. Sure enough, after some tests we found out it was kidney stones due to drinking too much soda. Hate to say I told you so. :) I have never seen Daniel in such bad shape and it was awful to see him in a hospital bed dying.
They sent us home a few hours later, the kidney stone passed the next morning, but the pain and throwing up didn't stop.
My brother's wedding was the next day and Daniel still didn't have the strength to make it to the temple.
While I was at the reception he drove himself to the emergency room again (unbeknowst to me) and had to get an IV because he was so dehydrated.
It was a bittersweet weekend but he's okay now and that's all that matters! My advice, he has given up drinking pop for the most part, and dropped 13 pounds!

P.S. The wedding was flawless and Bethany looked beautiful!

Graduation!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Well, I finally made it. Two years ago I graduated with my Associates and knew that I had to finish, there was no other option for me. So thanks to my wonderful husband who has worked full time and slipped some school in as well I graduated on May 2 with my Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education. It was a great day. My grandparents came down to support me and my brother Jordan drove up from Vegas so we were able to go to dinner as a whole family (minus Judd and Ashlie). Daniel's parents and sister Katherine were able to come too which was so sweet of them.

I got to sit in the very front row next to my two best friends in the program Danielle and Eliza (in the pic. with me) Thanks to all the people who supported me, for your gifts and love, and just being there. It really meant a lot to me!