Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Summer

I have had a few people tell me that I need to update but of course I had to wait until we actually did something to post about it.
This summer has been really fun. I worked summer day camps for the first half and I've spent the last half relaxing and getting my classroom ready. Daniel has been working all summer which is good, it's just so hot outside right now!
The first exciting thing that happened was Daniel's 2 year graduation. He's halfway! He is planning on starting again in the fall doing business classes for his integrated business and
criminal justice degree. I'm so proud of all the hard work he's doing.

Over the Memorial Day and 4th of July weekends we went to the ranch as usual. It was a blast! We went to the Mt. Trumbell cemetary and I got some pictures of my grandparents and great grandparents graves. It's kind of neat to visit a cemetary where you're related to pretty much everyone buried there.
We went to the Jarman reunion with my mom's family in June. Here is my nephew Dawson with his Potato Derby car. The funniest part was how into it all the adults got!
Daniel was kind enough to spend most of the time fishing with my nephews and nieces. Chloe just loves her Uncle "Danold".