Monday, December 1, 2008

Dumpster Diving Pays Off!

On Saturday Daniel and I were pulling out of our parking lot when we spotted a bunch of furniture next to the dumpster. Some of it looked pretty nice so we pulled over to take a look. There we found 2 small, black bookshelves and one 6 foot black bookshelf. They were practically new, just a little dusty, so we hauled them over to our place. They match our stuff perfectly, the only problem is that I don't have enough decorations to fill all that space! That's okay, Christmas is coming. Hint hint! Pretty good Saturday!

Our New Place...Finally!

The last week of October Daniel went home teaching with Quinn. That night he came home so excited and said he had a surprise for me but we had to leave right then. He rushed me to the Jeep and then sped down the street to the Sageview Townhomes. Outside, Quinn was waiting. I said "What is this?" Daniel said "This is our new place!" I was shocked. I have wanted a bigger place forever. It is about twice as big as Mesa Villas, 2 bedrooms 1 1/2 bathrooms. The best features: the dishwasher and the laundry room, two amentities we didn't have before. And... our rent isn't very much more. Our landlord has let us paint any colors we wanted (yes that is a rust colored wall my friends!) we have wonderful next door neighbors Quinn and Ashley (who I grew up with), and my parents our lending us their oh-so-cumfy sectional and dining table. We spent a lot of Halloween weekend moving but it hasn't looked finished until now. So here are some pics of the downstairs. The upstairs is usually messy so those pictures will come later. I love our new place! I will post more pictures when we get everything done..and clean!

Sweet Haircut!

Daniel has been trying to grow his hair out for the past month or so. It usually grows so fast but now that he wants it to, it seems like it's taking forever to get past the awkward, ugly stage so I convinced him to at least trim it. Whenever he gets his hair cut by someone other than Kylene he usually calls me to prepare me to see it when he gets home. This time he wanted me to unlock the door so he could run inside as fast as he could so no one would see it. So I opened the door and the blinds. When he got out of the car I saw it. I literally fell to the ground because I was laughing so hard. Wholy mullet! See for yourself. The cut wasn't bad but it was so funny how she styled it!

Ashley & Jeff's Wedding

I am so happy we were able to go to Ashley and Jeff's wedding in Salt Lake. It was like a weekend event with the whole family and it was great. We decided that the Bundy family isn't much for fancy events (as you can see from the pictures) but we still had a lot of fun. The most memorable part of the wedding for me was the dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We got bored waiting for dinner so my sister Jana, brother Jordan, Daniel, and I decided to explore a bit. When we came a piano by the elevator Jana sat down and started to play the Hokey Pokey. Jordan started dancing around the piano. I started laughing and Daniel was so embarrassed of my family. Haha. It was a great time, and we got some good pictures out of it!