Saturday, September 12, 2009

School = Life the past month!

So I have been wanting to do a post lately but my camera is still broken so I've had to use my mom's to take all the pictures of my classroom so it's been a long time coming but here it is!
First and foremost the big news is that due to the Vista charter school's enrollment I was transfered from Red Mountain Elementary to Bloomington Elementary a week before school started. You might be thinking "Wholy cow! How could they do that to you!?" And I agree with you 100%, but the move went smoothly and I wouldn't have it any other way. Bloomington has been a great school with great teachers, principal, and kids.
My class is adorable. I now have 26 students in my class rather than the 16 I had at Red Mountain but they are pretty good little buggers. We have a lot of fun. I would say the toughest thing about being a teacher right now would be all the preparations that go into every single day. I feel like I'm there until dark a lot of days and it's hard. Daniel is going to school full time so he's busy too but I miss our summer of relaxation. Christmas break sounds pretty good right about now.

Other things that have been going on besides school - hard to imagine I could fit anything else into my life but we have managed. We went to the Corn Fest in Enterprise with our good friends Skyler and Danielle and their cute kids which is always a good time. Daniel has been playing a lot of softball. My family has been in town a lot too so that means barbeques and shopping trips.

Last but not least - our apartment is almost finished! Daniel has been working really hard on laying tile and once it's finished we get new carpet! Yes! It has been kinda tough living in a place that looks dirty all the time but it's finally almost done and it has been nice of our landlords to pay for the update!

Well...that's all. I'm tired of typing.

The classroom finished product.
My mom, dad, and Daniel helped me out so much! Here my mom is sewing some stuff for my classroom.

My class library. Probably one of my favorite parts.

Daniel and Danielle at the Cornfest. Danielle is picking corn out of her teeth I think :)