Saturday, August 1, 2009

Annie Goes to "Annie"

I was so fortunate to get to go with my mom to see "Annie" at Tuachan last week. I have been wanting to see it but didn't think it would be a sacrifice Daniel would want to make. Anyway, my parents callings in church are advisors for the Special Needs Mutual and Tuachan donated a bunch of tickets so I got to go in my dad's place.
Little did you all know that I was in the play "Annie" when I was in fourth grade. I couldn't sing then and still can't so I didn't make the lead - but I was still one of the orphans.
This play was really fun for me because I knew all the songs and it was just me and my mom. I loved it!

Carpenter Family Camping Trip

Over Pioneer Day weekend we went with Daniel's family to Panguitch Lake. It was awesome because his whole family was able to go (with one exception) which rarely happens because his brothers and sisters are kinda scattered in different places. We did take the camera with us - then we realized the memory card wasn't in it! So the only picture I have of Daniel and I is this one I stole off of Kylene's Facebook page. :)
It was fun to relax for probably that last time this summer. We played Skip-Bo, ate, went on a hike, tried to fish but caught nothing, then ate some more. Daniel and I even slept in the back of a truck under a shade thing, but technically under the stars. It was a great time. I really love my in-laws and I'm happy that we can do stuff like this with them.Todd, Katherine, Daniel, Annie, Angela, Milissa, and Colby Carpenter