Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A dedication to my sanity

Some might ask how college students handle the stresses of finals, part time jobs, financial problems, and all the while hours of homework a night. Here's an idea. It's a little show that I have been watching religiously for about 4 or 5 years. It's on it's sixth and possibly final season. One Tree Hill. I started watching this teen into adulthood drama in my freshman year and it has gotten me through! When I went to SUU we would meet and watch it every Tuesday. Here at Dixie we meet to watch it every Monday. It's like stepping into a life that is way more complicated than mine could ever be and it makes me feel less stressed about my life. Here are some pictures to show our little get together last night. P.S. Lucas officially proposed to Peyton!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Not just Christmas!

Just to remind you all of how much of busy bodies Daniel and I have been I have not posted since Decemeber 1st, mind you I had a full two weeks to do whatever I wanted and it still didn't happen. I will post a few pictures of Christmas but let's face it, the holidays are over and Daniel and I are back to the lives we have lived since we got married....SCHOOL and WORK at a school all day everyday! YAY!
There is a little fun news along the way. Thanks to Book-Buy-Back we had a pretty good little Christmas full of my favorite-clothes! It was really fun for us to actually spend money on each other and not worry too much. We also spent Christmas week at a cabin in Zions with my family, I actually faced my fear and took a peek at the elk there, Daniel is now pretty good at everyone else's Guitar Hero games, I won Pinochle the other night, and we were able to get a few more things in our apartment painted and organized.
All in all it was nice to have a break and just enjoy being a young married couple. Sometimes Daniel and I feel like we are much older than 21 and 23 because of all of the responsiblities we have and we don't even have kids yet! When I really think about it, yeah there are a lot of responsiblities that go along with being an almost-teacher and wife, but I would miss out on so many fun things if I weren't at this point in my life. I would miss out on watching Daniel's studly karate moves he just loves to show me, or my students smashing their faces against the classroom window every morning.
Instead of being such a Debbie Downer about how young and single I don't feel anymore, I've decided to be grateful for how much I have accomplished in the last two years and what I'll have to show for it come
April 6th (Our two year anniversary) and May 1st (Graduation Day).

Me, Danielle, Eliza and Chelsea at our class Christmas party.

Our little, fiberoptic tree. (Thanks Mom!)

So much snow at Zions! Fun to play in but not so fun to get stuck in!

One of our Christmas card pictures. Thanks to my sister in law Ashlie we actually have professional pictures that aren't from our wedding!