Wednesday, August 25, 2010

San Diego y Santa Barbara

We were so lucky we got to take a vacation this summer. It's been three years since our last big trip and the relaxation was much needed. Even though I wanted to fly somewhere exoctic Daniel (the realist in our relationship) convinced me a quick trip to the beach was all we needed. The day before we left we decided on San Diego and Santa Barbara.
I love eating outside and the weather was a perfect 72 the night we got there! We ate at this little Mexican Restaurant in Old Town San Diego. It was so pretty on the porch.
Daniel had never been to Sea World before so we started there. I'm not a big fan of going to theme parks without kids but Sea World was really fun with just the two of us. Our favorites were definitely the Beluga Whales and the Sea Lion and Otter show. Very Fun!

We spent a lot of time driving and a lot of time at the beach. We went to Pacific Beach in San Diego Monday and Tuesday then to Butterfly Beach in Santa Barbara on Wednesday. The water wasn't super warm but we were able to boogie board and lay out. It was so nice to just sit and relax with Daniel.

On Tuesday night we had to go eat at Joe's Crabshack, a favorite of mine. We got a table with a view of the ocean and the sunset was so pretty that night. Even though it took us two hours to crack all those crab legs it was still fun!

On Wednesday and Thursday we drove up the coast to see my best friend Genna. She was so nice to put us up for the night. We spent the day at the beach, ate at an awesome authentic Italian restaurant and window shopped. This was the only picture I got of us together though. We went to eat breakfast at her cafe and then hit the road.

It was an awesome trip and I'm glad Daniel convinced me to go to the beach. We loved being there!