Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Husband Tribute

I have seen lots of blogs that people write to their husbands on their birthdays etc. but I decided that yesterday was a very special day and that Daniel deserves this one! Since school has started both of us have been totally stressed out and busy. We usually only get a couple hours a night together. So last night I walked out to my car and got in and was shocked. My car was actually clean! Daniel had taken my car to get it washed. I was so happy so I called him to say thanks and he he told me that he had taken care of all our financial aid stuff and was waiting at home with a pizza so I didn't have to cook! It had been such a long day at work and school and this is what I had to come home to. It was awesome. Thanks Daniel! You are such a sweetheart!

New Car!

So after 190,000 miles the Honda finally started to go out on us. We had been having trouble with it all summer and were even down to one car for a while. One night we went to look at a Mustang, Daniel's dream car, and parked next to it was this Jeep Liberty at a screaming deal. We decided we would jump at the chance. The dealership was able to trade in the Honda and pay off my car so it was awesome for us. We finally have a car that we can take to the ranch!