Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just keeps getting better with time!

Three years and it just keeps getting better and more fun. I was reflecting on marriage with a friend the other day. I don't think we have accomplished the "normal" things like babies and houses but we have done a lot! Some memories include: Daniel put me through my last two years of school (blood, sweat, tears and all), beautiful wedding in the St. George Temple, remodeled our second apartment, held numerous church callings, danced at the Bundy Reunion, camping trips and fishing trips, built a fort in our living room, got my teaching job and jumped for joy at the first pay check, been to the emergency room and back again, Sunday morning breakfasts with our friends each week, pulled all nighters for Daniel's research papers, checking the bookings for old friends and co-workers, lots of basketball and softball games, our trip to General Conference where I fell asleep and dreamed I fell off the balcony of the Conference Center :), hours of watching "The Office" and quoting "The Office", spending last summer at our pool, races in Vegas, Pinochle and Settlers tournaments with friends and family, and watching fireworks out out apartment window every few weeks. Can you imagine we are still in love after all that craziness? Here's to a million years more!