Sunday, November 7, 2010


My cousin Austin has been playing football for BYU this season which is pretty neat since he just got home this summer from his mission. My parents got season tickets and we had been dying to get up to a game. This weekend things worked out so we made the trip up with my family. The game ended up being a blowout with BYU 54 and UNLV 7. The best part was watching Austin and watching the people sitting in front of us. Haha.

My brother Jordan and his wife Brook at our "almost top row" seats. :)

My mom and I waiting forever for the game to start. We got there 2 hours early to beat the traffic.

The fam. Notice how there is NO ONE else there yet? Haha!

Halloween Fun

This year's Halloween was pretty fun and exhausting. I wish I could post a picture of my cute class in their costumes but I can't for privacy reasons. You'll have to settle for some blurry pictures of friends and family instead!

On Thursday I went to a fun "Witches Night Out" party at my friend Lisa's house.
Halloween at school was really fun on Friday. That night Daniel and I went to a costume party at our friends Jarvis and Mandy's house. Then on Saturday night we went to my sister's to pass out homemade donuts! Overall it was a pretty fun Halloween weekend.
The girls. The third grade teachers

My niece Chloe and my nephew Rylan. So cute!

Baby Cash

Just a quick post to show my new little nephew Cash! Isn't he cute!!? I spent the night at my sister Jana's the night before but he didn't come until the next day. I'm super excited to have one of my own someday!


Back in July my friends Ashlye, Claudia, and I started do the training program "Couch to 5k in 7 Weeks". The whole point of it was to lose weight. Overall, I lost about 3 pounds! Haha. Our first 5k was the Swiss Days 5k in Santa Clara in September. I felt really good after and started looking for other races. The next one I did was the Midnight 5k at the college October 1 with Ashlye. That one was miserable and I missed my time by 5 seconds! The last 5k I ran was the "Save a Sister" 5k on October 23 with my sister in law Ashlie. I beat my time that time. I had been weighing myself after running and doing spin and nothing was happening. I have been super stressed at work lately and was really nervous about all the changes that have been going on so finally I had my principal come evaluate me last week. She said that I was doing an amazing job teaching and that all my extra hard work was paying off. That made me feel a lot better. After that I started losing about a pound a day! I think my body was just holding onto the weight from stress. SO........I hit my 10 lbs. weight loss goal and only have 7 left to lose!! I awarded myself with a couple pairs of jeans (in a smaller size mind you) and I won the challenge I had going with Daniel. I'm pretty excited!

Claudia, Ashlye, and I all geared up and ready for the race at 6:30 A.M.

Me after we got home from the race.

My sister in law Ashlie and I after the "Save a Sister" 5k Can you tell how dead we were? Look at our faces!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

San Diego y Santa Barbara

We were so lucky we got to take a vacation this summer. It's been three years since our last big trip and the relaxation was much needed. Even though I wanted to fly somewhere exoctic Daniel (the realist in our relationship) convinced me a quick trip to the beach was all we needed. The day before we left we decided on San Diego and Santa Barbara.
I love eating outside and the weather was a perfect 72 the night we got there! We ate at this little Mexican Restaurant in Old Town San Diego. It was so pretty on the porch.
Daniel had never been to Sea World before so we started there. I'm not a big fan of going to theme parks without kids but Sea World was really fun with just the two of us. Our favorites were definitely the Beluga Whales and the Sea Lion and Otter show. Very Fun!

We spent a lot of time driving and a lot of time at the beach. We went to Pacific Beach in San Diego Monday and Tuesday then to Butterfly Beach in Santa Barbara on Wednesday. The water wasn't super warm but we were able to boogie board and lay out. It was so nice to just sit and relax with Daniel.

On Tuesday night we had to go eat at Joe's Crabshack, a favorite of mine. We got a table with a view of the ocean and the sunset was so pretty that night. Even though it took us two hours to crack all those crab legs it was still fun!

On Wednesday and Thursday we drove up the coast to see my best friend Genna. She was so nice to put us up for the night. We spent the day at the beach, ate at an awesome authentic Italian restaurant and window shopped. This was the only picture I got of us together though. We went to eat breakfast at her cafe and then hit the road.

It was an awesome trip and I'm glad Daniel convinced me to go to the beach. We loved being there!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our Summer

I have had a few people tell me that I need to update but of course I had to wait until we actually did something to post about it.
This summer has been really fun. I worked summer day camps for the first half and I've spent the last half relaxing and getting my classroom ready. Daniel has been working all summer which is good, it's just so hot outside right now!
The first exciting thing that happened was Daniel's 2 year graduation. He's halfway! He is planning on starting again in the fall doing business classes for his integrated business and
criminal justice degree. I'm so proud of all the hard work he's doing.

Over the Memorial Day and 4th of July weekends we went to the ranch as usual. It was a blast! We went to the Mt. Trumbell cemetary and I got some pictures of my grandparents and great grandparents graves. It's kind of neat to visit a cemetary where you're related to pretty much everyone buried there.
We went to the Jarman reunion with my mom's family in June. Here is my nephew Dawson with his Potato Derby car. The funniest part was how into it all the adults got!
Daniel was kind enough to spend most of the time fishing with my nephews and nieces. Chloe just loves her Uncle "Danold".

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just keeps getting better with time!

Three years and it just keeps getting better and more fun. I was reflecting on marriage with a friend the other day. I don't think we have accomplished the "normal" things like babies and houses but we have done a lot! Some memories include: Daniel put me through my last two years of school (blood, sweat, tears and all), beautiful wedding in the St. George Temple, remodeled our second apartment, held numerous church callings, danced at the Bundy Reunion, camping trips and fishing trips, built a fort in our living room, got my teaching job and jumped for joy at the first pay check, been to the emergency room and back again, Sunday morning breakfasts with our friends each week, pulled all nighters for Daniel's research papers, checking the bookings for old friends and co-workers, lots of basketball and softball games, our trip to General Conference where I fell asleep and dreamed I fell off the balcony of the Conference Center :), hours of watching "The Office" and quoting "The Office", spending last summer at our pool, races in Vegas, Pinochle and Settlers tournaments with friends and family, and watching fireworks out out apartment window every few weeks. Can you imagine we are still in love after all that craziness? Here's to a million years more!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

We are "Pawn Stars" now!

We certainly didn't accomplish much over Spring Break but we did take a little trip to Vegas with friends and a trip to Salt Lake to visit family.
While in Vegas we decided to go the the pawn shop where they film the t.v. show "Pawn Stars". It really wasn't as cool inside as it looks on t.v. but we got to see all the stars of the show so that was kind of fun. I had our friend Skyler take my picture with one of the guys and the batteries fell out of my camera and onto the floor so my friend Danielle and I just took some of each other real quick.
Danielle and Tylee with "The Old Man" in the background.
"Big Hoss" and I

Sunday, January 31, 2010

All done!!!

Wow! It only took us over a year but the place is finished. Not to mention that we don't even own it but it has been a good experience helping update our little place. I'm really liking how comfortable we are now. We can even lay on the carpet without getting the heeby jeebies! Just wait until a baby comes (no, I'm not) and turns the place upside down.

Life has been really good to us since I started my job and Daniel has been able to really focus on school. Our cute next door neighbors had their adorable baby girl who I get to hold almost everyday. My hair has changed a bit. Daniel and I have been doing a fitness challenge which has consisted of working out 4-5 times a week and eating a little better. We have both lost weight and I am just feeling a lot better - more positive.

According to Daniel I'm a little more feisty as a redhead. :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas 2009

Good Christmas this year! I always think that this is the year that I am going to get way into Christmas and do every fun thing that comes up then... I don't get done working until right before and by that time I'm ready to relax which is exactly what I did! Daniel and I pretty much shopped, ate, and hung out with family and friends for 10 days straight. It was awesome! One of the best gifts - our new carpet was put in a few days later. That's right, our tree was up for a total of 4 days before we had to move everything. We are loving the new remodeled floors and I will post pictures soon of the finished product!

I can't even remember which present he's opening but he looks really excited about it. :)
I loved this. We made breakfast for some family and friends one morning and this is what Daniel decided to wear. The little nieces loved it!

I had the privilege of narrating the nativity scene this year at Daniel's parents. They really went all out with scenery and everything!

Got spoiled by my students.

Got spoiled by my husband.
I hope Christmas was good to you all. Happy 2010!