Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas 2009

Good Christmas this year! I always think that this is the year that I am going to get way into Christmas and do every fun thing that comes up then... I don't get done working until right before and by that time I'm ready to relax which is exactly what I did! Daniel and I pretty much shopped, ate, and hung out with family and friends for 10 days straight. It was awesome! One of the best gifts - our new carpet was put in a few days later. That's right, our tree was up for a total of 4 days before we had to move everything. We are loving the new remodeled floors and I will post pictures soon of the finished product!

I can't even remember which present he's opening but he looks really excited about it. :)
I loved this. We made breakfast for some family and friends one morning and this is what Daniel decided to wear. The little nieces loved it!

I had the privilege of narrating the nativity scene this year at Daniel's parents. They really went all out with scenery and everything!

Got spoiled by my students.

Got spoiled by my husband.
I hope Christmas was good to you all. Happy 2010!

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