Thursday, October 16, 2008

If you ever get a fort!

Yesterday I went to get something from my dad and they were starting to dig the basement for my parents new house! Yay! Anyway, there were some kids building a fort on the lot next to theirs and I talked to them for a little bit before my dad came over and told them to stop because he didn't want them playing around the hole and backho anymore.
So last night Daniel and I got so bored and he didn't want to go out so what did I suggest? "Let's build a fort!" He went along with it and so here it is. We watched one episode of King of Queens in it then went to sleep in our own bed. Oh well!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hit and Run!

I came out to my car on Thursday and this is what I found. I thought "Oh someone's tire just rubbed against my bumper." so I went to rub it off and found gashes in the paint. No note and no cameras at the school to find out who it was. I had the police come do a report and such for insurance but pretty much we have to pay to get it fixed! Son of a gun I was ticked. If you ever hit someone, PLEASE be courteous and leave a note!

Yearbook Yourself

We didn't get home until midnight last night but we saw this on a friend's blog (shout out to Brooke and Bryce) and had to try it out. You know how when you're tired everything seems more funny. We were laughing so hard. I hope you enjoy it and try it out for your self.
I had to post this one because I
look just like my mom did!
Check out this hot 1970's stud. I would
have dated him for sure!
1994! I knew I was born a decade too late!